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“Clean facilities were good and affordableClean services.”

- Room Service Journal -


“Free pickup service in Patong area was good.and your services.”

- The Daily Foods -


"IKorean food is delicious and your services.”

- Just Eat Magazine -


“Unforgettable delicious foodand your services.”

- The NY Eating Guild -


“Restaurant & Guest House & Free Travel Agents & Scuba Diving is the best solving everything at once. and your services.”

- Eat Out Newspaper -

“파통지역 무료픽업서비스 최고입니다.물론 사장님 음식손씨 최고 .”

- marry -

섬식당 에서 추천투어 "푸켓VIP낚시" 강추 가족여행중 최고의 경험

잡은고기로 매운탕 생선구이 에 무제한삼겹살까지 모두다 포함 짱

- 송은아-





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